Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beaded Chevron Stitch

Missed out 2 weeks of TAST 2012 but am back with Chevron!!Since I wanted to stitch a kurti/tunic for my daughter, I decided to embellish it with beads using Chevron Stitch which is the stitch of the week by Sharaon for TAST 2012.
You can see the instructions of chevron here on pintangle. I will be posting the tute for beaded chevron a little later.
Here in this tunic i have embellished it with thin long white beads and since the fabric already had perfect parallel lines, it was pretty easy to do the embroidery.
Did you like it?
I loved it and so did my daughter!!!!!
Enjoy the pics !!!!!!!!!

Have I inspired you to take the needle and thread and to try the stitch out???????
Lining this to OPAM 2012
Have fun
Happy stitching!!


  1. wow...that looks gorgeous veena..

  2. My goodness!! This is absolutely gorgeous!! Will you adopt me as your daughter,please,please... :)
    You have a mannequin at home?

  3. Oh I really like the beaded Chevron...very pretty

  4. Absolutely stunning... Now I have to make two for both my daughters!!

  5. Wonderful beaded chevron stitch, Veena.

  6. What a lovely tunic. Your beaded Chevron stitch looks great. I think your daughter is happy.

  7. That is so nice! It's also nice to see a practical application for a stitch.

  8. Thank you so much everyone for your encouraging comments