Wednesday, April 11, 2012

IMQG.Inagural Meet

If you all have been wondering as to what i am doing all these days....Well!!Have been gearing up for the Inagural meet Of India Modern Quilt Guild. I am so happy to part part of this wonderful creative group.
Ladies want to part of this wonderful event....Please do join in


  1. Hi Veena,

    Wow. Thats a good initiative. I would like to come and attend the event. But I am based out of Bangalore.

    I am just a yet-to-be-beginner in Quilting. I just browse a lot of websites with respect to Quilting. Can you please provide information about the shops where you can find these quilting rulers. I am able to get the cutting mat and Rotary cutter from Bangalore. But could not get the quilting rulers. Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Dear Veena,

      Can you pls let me know where did you buy the rulers/cutting mat/rotary cutter in Bangalore from?

      Thanks in advance

  2. This is such a wonderful thing to happen Veena(didn't know you were so much into sewing too) fact have been going thru the guilds abroad on various sites and wondered as to when we would have something of this sort in India.

  3. Thank you Hobby Sewer and Vandana

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