Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quilted Table Top

I am sure you are wondering as to where i vanished for some time now. well! was a little busy getting inspired from all those lovely Desi Quilters!!!!For the month of June DQ announced their theme as squares for the challenge

Was that easy?????well!!I did a little bit of thinking and more of googling to land up on this 10 Minute block  by Suzannewhich totally uses only squares....and thus came my table top into picture.
You need some inspiration too?Then head over too Desi Quilters and you can also connect with them on Facebook at Desi quilters


  1. This is a really clever way to use only squares! It looks great :)

  2. Good idea..liked the color combination too

  3. that's a brilliant idea veena. thank you for sharing the link

  4. It requires lot of patience. Nice work Veena

    Mira’s Talent Gallery

    :-) Mira

  5. So nice to see your work... You will be really surprised to know who's comment this is.
    :) Fred

    1. Thank you for the comments . I would appreciate if you could tell me as to who you are, Not able to guess