Monday, February 15, 2010



Fly stitch is also called as a "Y" stitch. It is formed by a simple "V" shaped loop held down by a straight stitch which gives an appearance as"Y"

Let us see how to work this stitch:

knot the thread and bring the needle at "A", go down at "B" and come up at "c" as shown having the working thread under the needle.
Now take the needle down at "D" to form a "Y" shape.

A very simple and an easy stitch.

Fly stitch can be worked both horizontally or vertically.

There are many variations of Fly stitch namely

Plaited fly can be worked by simply overlapping each fly stitch as shown:
Bring the needle up at "A" , go down at "B", come up at "C", at tie it down at "D", now bring up the needle for the next stitch at "E" , go down at "F", , up at "G" and tie the stitch down at "H", and work the next set of stitches

For the reversed fly , work the first fly stitch as earlier now after tying down at "D" come up at "E", go down at "F', and up at "G" again and tie down this stitch at "H". A series of such stitches can form a nice pattern

This is a variation of the fly stitch where the variation is only in the last straight stitch:

Bring the needle up at "A", go down at "B" forming a loop. Keep the loop above the take the needle and pull the thread the loop and anchor the thread as earlier
When the fly stitches are packed closely they form closed fly, can be used in the formation of leaves
I have used the fly stitch as a "V" stitch here

Monday, February 1, 2010


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