Friday, March 26, 2010


this week on TAST 2010 SHARON has introduced us to a very beautiful stitch called the PORTUGESE BORDER STITCH. I have tried out 2 samplers, i liked the look of it:-)Initially i couldnt get the tension right but when i did get a feel of it , i liked it.This stitch is worked on a set of foundation stitches.

have a look at these samplers, one done on a bed linen.

Monday, March 22, 2010

NIMA is celebrating her 100th post with a give away.An amazing craft blog , have a look.Click HERE to see her blog

Saturday, March 20, 2010


PATTERN CHALLENGE:Alexander Blouse #6062

I had joined PATTERN CHALLENGE some time back. U must have seen the logo in the side column but took a lot of time to start off. Well it has been a challenge to me right from the beginning:-). let me explain..........
Sarah of had a tough time explaining to me as to how to put the logo in the side bar:-) and the rules.
The rules are:
1. MAKE OUR OWN GOALS......and mine are that i stitch one garment a month at least. about it.....have started to
3.Grab the “Pattern Challenge” button and Join the Flickr group.
4 Blog about the finished garments
now let me continue with the story.....
I was full of enthusiasm to start off but wanted to stitch something very different so downloaded this pattern from burda.After this i thought that nothing could stop me now ,but i was wrong AGAIN :-(. I realized that i was not able to print the pattern because burda had some technical snag. Immediately wrote a mail to burda and the bug was fixed and i was successful in printing the pattern. The WOES did not end here......More to come:-)........I am not very conversant with the pattern sizes from U.S. and U.K. assumed that it is going to be the same and bought a beautiful black floral fabric , cut, and stitched........SUCCESSFUL...ASKED MY DAUGHTER TO WEAR IT BUT .......................NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......SHE wouldn't......why???????????????/because she couldn't:-) it wasn't her size at all....hehe

I realized my folly and stitched this for her :-){her size}:-):-)

I have made a few changes though..... stitched up the back opening, added more gathering to the sleeve and maintained the opening through the peplum too. I would say its great for the summer

To know more on Pattern challenge please click on the logo

till then happy stitching

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have been of late bitten by this silk painting bug, not able to resist the colours..........
i have done a water colour technique on the salwar and salt technique on the kameez.
have used white pure silk base materials for both .... The colours that are used are Pebeo seta silk

U LIKED IT??????????????????

my daughter did:-)

TAST 2010 Beaded Hedebo Edge

hello everyone
This week on TAST Sharon introduced us to an edging BEADED HEDEBO EDGE. A lovely edging and as sharon rightly said , it can be used in many other ways. I have used it on a kurta for my daughter. The salwar is a blue batik one , and i thought this will look a little different. Have used it only on the front panel. Will put up the picture of the kameez when done ;-). I wanted to use this on the edge of a paisley pattern , but no time now......... may be next week :-)

Till then happy stitching

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Sharon of PIN TANGLE has taught us this stitch. A lovely stitch but i need little more practice to get the right tension. I have tried out few variations

1. Here i have used the knotted loop stitch as a diamond edging,a mirror inside this may do justice to the stitch.

2.In this i have incorporated the same stitch in a circle and i think it looks good:-)

3. This can be used as a border or in crazy quilting

4. Another border could be embellished more

5. Another of my trials :-).....

6. This is the bed linen i have been working on for some time. I have planned to use this stitch on the leaves here

Annet,shirley, Ruth have also put up their pictures, do have a look and have fun.....
Happy stitching:-)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

TAST 2010

I am happy to tell you all that i have taken up TAST 2010 by Sharon boggon. TAST means take a stitch on tuesday. Each week she will teach us a stitch and we will have to explore the possibilities that the stitch holds.
this week it is DIAMOND STITCH

And these are my trials

1. a simple diamond stitch

2. i have wrapped a contrast colour thread here

3.used daisy stitches to embellish

4. Here i have used individual stitches to form a diamond

5. I have used this stitch in a center block of my bed linen

how did you all like it????????
sonie,Sarah and Doreen have also done some beautiful samples. please do have a look at may inspire you to do more:-)

If you are interested please have a look at TAST 2010



This stitch is also called as a spider wheel stitch since it gives an appearance of a spider web and the ribs of it are raised.
A wonderful and yet a simple stitch which can be worked out very easily

1. Draw an even or odd number of foundation straight stitches as i have shown

2. Bring the needle out at 1 and go down at 2, like wise make other 3 to 4, 5 to 6, 7 to 8.
3. Now bring out the needle at the center of the wheel

4. Go over the stitch 2 keeping the thread always to the left of the needle

5. Now bring the needle under the same stitch and also below the stitch 8 or whip the first stitch as shown

6. Now take the needle under the stitch 8 , go over it and wrap the thread on it and go below it to the next stitch that is stitch 3

7.Having whipped this stitch go down under the next stitch and whip it.

this way keep whipping till you complete the imaginary circle

Is it not a very easy stitch to follow??!!

This is a kurti/ tunic i have embroidered for my daughter using this stitch as well as braided chain stitch. I am sure u can find many ways to incorporate this stitch in your clothing

Happy stitching and have fun:-)