Monday, September 5, 2011

Crocheted Mobile Pouch

Back with another pouch:-).....this time with a crocheted one though!!. . Vibha desperately tried to find a pouch in the market for her new smart phone, but was unlucky as the salesman said that it was a new model and the pouches was not available in the market yet. As she has very buttery hands, i was a little worried too.
So i finally decided to crochet it. As i was crocheting it,my husband suggested that i add a soft backing to it too. I lined the pouch with batting and soft cotton.
I did attach the velcro for the opening too..
I have used only single crochet for the body of the pouch and Double crochet for the flap.
Vibha loved it. Did you???
Until the next post.......
Happy stiching