Thursday, January 28, 2010

TUTORIAL :Feather stitch

Feather stitch is a very easy stitch, It is mostly used for foliage and stems.
This stitch is worked from top to bottom and alternatively between right and left. An easy and a beautiful stitch by itself -can be embellished by adding beads, knots, sequins, and other stitches too.
1. Knot your thread and bring the needle out at A.

2. Now take the needle in down at B and come up at C keeping the working thread under the needle to form a "V".

Now imagine another set of parallel lines to work your next stitch
3.Now bring down the needle at D and again form a "V" at E

4. Now move on to the other side and form a "V" by bringing the needle down at F and up at G

this way you can work the required length

We can incorporate beads and daisy stitch to enhance the look as shown

Double feather stitch is working 2 stitches on easy side

This stitch can be used in ribbon embroidery too

try to use the woven stitch and feather stitch in a design with ribbons. gives amazing results

happy stitching


  1. pretty..if i send u some pics of designs,can u tell me which stitches to use?

  2. hi Trish
    thank you so much. Sure, will definitely let you know about the stitches. Do send me the pics so that i can revert to you

  3. Cool will email you in a day or two.

  4. Beautiful work, thank you for sharing your skills.

  5. Hi Veena mam,
    thanks for this wonderful and easy tutorial

  6. hi Kokila
    i am glad you liked it:-)

  7. Wonderful work and looks beautiful!!!!

  8. I really like that variation with the chain stitch!