Wednesday, January 6, 2010

hello everybody

As i had said earlier, in this post i will be giving a tutorial for a stitch and the stitch is Algerian stitch .I hope you find this useful. Though it looks very simple you can incorporate this stitch in your designs very beautifully.

Algerian eye stitch is also called as a Star stitch, mostly used in counted thread embroidery,but i use it in free style too.

Place your piece of fabric in a embroidery hoop,and the fabric should be taut. Mark the numbers as shown in figure1. In this diagram the stitches are numbered and not the needle entries.Always come up at the numbered spot and go down at the center as shown in figure 2.
This will create an eye at the center.
Now it is up to to your imagination to try and incorporate this simple yet beautiful stitch:-)

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  1. hi veena,
    It was very easy to follow steps shown by you and learn the Algerian stitch.Nicely put. Thank u very much.