Sunday, January 17, 2010


Time for the next stitch:-). I have tried to incorporate the same stitch with both thread and satin ribbon.Lets explore a woven rose :
I thought of this stitch as it is a little similar to the algerian stitch which we have already seen.

1. Mark a circle and divide it into five parts spaced equally.

2.Make 5 straight stitches from the numbered points to the center as shown. This step is similar to the one which is shown in Algerian stitch.
3.Bring the needle out at any point in between the foundation at the centre.
4.Now we have to start weaving the thread around the spokes alternating, that is if you take the needle above one spoke , you must take it under the next one.Ignore the frayed edges:-)

5. So alternating go above and below the spokes as shown
6. This is how it looks when finished

Now the same procedure can be followed to make a similar flower with ribbons.These flowers are best done with silk ribbons, but i did not find one here, so settled down to do it with satin ribbons which is easily available in the market. It is suggested that we use a chenille needle but i could find only a tapestry needle, managed with it:-(
Here the foundations spokes can be laid with a matching thread and the weaving to be done with the ribbon following the same procedure.
Twist the ribbon to get a good twirl

These are the ribbons and the needle that i have used

If you do not know how knot with ribbon, this is the first step
1.Take a small length of ribbon,insert it through the needle eye, pull a small length trough
2.Insert the needle again into the small length and pull

3.Pull back to form a knot near the needle eye.

4.There may be many methods to do this but i found this one very easy.
My daughter tried this and this is her sample
Try both of these in your wearables, looks very pretty

happy stitching


  1. wow...nice tutorial..thank you for sharing

  2. Hey Veena,
    Finally I found you here :) I love that Kalamkari + aari work on the kurti.

  3. A good tutorial, your little flowers are beautiful. Elaine

  4. thanks Elaine for your lovely comments

  5. Hi Veena,

    as a beginner in embroidery I´m glad to find so many stitches at your lovely blog. Thank you also for your nice comment at my blog.

    Many greetings from Germany,