Monday, January 11, 2010

Its already a week or so since i posted my first post, time for the next one.........Time flies:-)
well, this ia a kalamkari patch which i have attached to a Kurti, i think it its looking good but i did not have a matching motif to be sewn for the sleeves. hmmmm
then sat down to do a similar motif in aari work because i dont know kalamakri:-(
I think the result turned out to be good as well. what do u think????????????

Now coming to a stitch this week, i think i will be posting it in a day or two. Do come by and have a look.

This is a picture of the Algerian stitch that i had posted last week. you can use it in this way too!!!!
Any guesses as to where i would be using these patches????????????
Keep guessing and have fun too


  1. so nice of you to visit my blog...nice work with the algerian stitch...

  2. Hi very good work on kalamkari....u r expert in aari...

  3. thanks nima and lakshmi.
    wish you a very happy sankranthi

  4. lovely starry sttiches! simple but charming! i like the bird too!

  5. hi veena
    your kalamkari patch work is superb...even i have bought patches to stitch in saree. but starting did u start..did u stick the patch pieces to the fabric and stitch buttonhole stitch in the help me