Sunday, April 4, 2010


Pistil stitch is also known as LAVANGAM stitch .It is a french knot with a long tail. This stitch is mostly used in dimensional embroidery or brazilian embroidery. this looks very pretty when used on floral designs.
1.Mark two points on the fabric as "A" and "B".The distance between the two points
decides as to how long the tail of the french knot will be.

2.Bring the needle out at "A"

3. Hold the thread with your left hand and the needle with the right, the thread should be taut

4.Wrap the thread around the needle twice or thrice as shown

5.Holding the thread with your left hand take the needle down at "B

6. Start pulling your needle downwards slowly
7. thus forms a beautiful pistil stitch

Try this stitch for daisies. Looks very pretty .
Time for me to upload the TAST 2010 stitch of this week. Hope you are enjoying these stitch tutorials.
Have fun and happy stitching:-)


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