Wednesday, March 3, 2010

TAST 2010

I am happy to tell you all that i have taken up TAST 2010 by Sharon boggon. TAST means take a stitch on tuesday. Each week she will teach us a stitch and we will have to explore the possibilities that the stitch holds.
this week it is DIAMOND STITCH

And these are my trials

1. a simple diamond stitch

2. i have wrapped a contrast colour thread here

3.used daisy stitches to embellish

4. Here i have used individual stitches to form a diamond

5. I have used this stitch in a center block of my bed linen

how did you all like it????????
sonie,Sarah and Doreen have also done some beautiful samples. please do have a look at may inspire you to do more:-)

If you are interested please have a look at TAST 2010


  1. Hi Veena! I think your samples are beautiful! I think it is cool that you used the diamond stitch to make a diamond. :o) The band on your bed linen is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Veena - Nice work! I enjoy stitching too although I don't have much time for it... I find it very meditative.

  3. I think it looks great especially the centre block of the bed linen one.

  4. hi Lisa, Deborah and Doreen
    thank you so much for your lovely comments. Its encouraging

  5. its lovely veena..i like the design on bed linen also..some day i m going to ask u for this design..

  6. hi lakshmi
    thanks a lot for your lovely comments. sure will send the design by mail:-)

  7. Thanks for sharing your work. I like your idea of changing the look of the stitch by wrapping. Great.

  8. Nice stitching. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  9. Your work is beautiful, Veena. Thanks so much for sharing. Paula (studio 167 on TAST)

  10. Oh Veena these samples are super! Your work is extremely neat and fine ..........fantastic


  11. HiVeena,ur work is always neat and good.I too ask for the design sometime,uma