Saturday, March 20, 2010


PATTERN CHALLENGE:Alexander Blouse #6062

I had joined PATTERN CHALLENGE some time back. U must have seen the logo in the side column but took a lot of time to start off. Well it has been a challenge to me right from the beginning:-). let me explain..........
Sarah of had a tough time explaining to me as to how to put the logo in the side bar:-) and the rules.
The rules are:
1. MAKE OUR OWN GOALS......and mine are that i stitch one garment a month at least. about it.....have started to
3.Grab the “Pattern Challenge” button and Join the Flickr group.
4 Blog about the finished garments
now let me continue with the story.....
I was full of enthusiasm to start off but wanted to stitch something very different so downloaded this pattern from burda.After this i thought that nothing could stop me now ,but i was wrong AGAIN :-(. I realized that i was not able to print the pattern because burda had some technical snag. Immediately wrote a mail to burda and the bug was fixed and i was successful in printing the pattern. The WOES did not end here......More to come:-)........I am not very conversant with the pattern sizes from U.S. and U.K. assumed that it is going to be the same and bought a beautiful black floral fabric , cut, and stitched........SUCCESSFUL...ASKED MY DAUGHTER TO WEAR IT BUT .......................NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......SHE wouldn't......why???????????????/because she couldn't:-) it wasn't her size at all....hehe

I realized my folly and stitched this for her :-){her size}:-):-)

I have made a few changes though..... stitched up the back opening, added more gathering to the sleeve and maintained the opening through the peplum too. I would say its great for the summer

To know more on Pattern challenge please click on the logo

till then happy stitching


  1. Great job, Veena! This looks super cute! I love the white fabric you used, it's a great compliment to the pattern. I think you did awesome!!

  2. thank you so much Sarah. some day i hope to stitch like you:-) thank u for letting me be a part of pattern challenge

  3. I'm glad it all worked out in the end. Its a lovely top and your daughter is very pretty modelling it. Elaine

  4. Hi Elaine
    thank u so much:-)I am sure my daughter would love to read this

  5. hello veena............
    i think i am very late to comment on this one...i did't know u were interested in stitching....its really a lovely top and i am happy that u have joined pattern i will be having many lovely dresses to see......

  6. hi sonie
    thank u so much. yes, pattern challenge really challenged me to get back to stitching which i think had lost track off:-)hope to stitch more

  7. Great job, Veena - good to see another Burdastyle enthusiast - try the JJ blouse pattern, your daughter is sure to love it !