Wednesday, March 17, 2010

TAST 2010 Beaded Hedebo Edge

hello everyone
This week on TAST Sharon introduced us to an edging BEADED HEDEBO EDGE. A lovely edging and as sharon rightly said , it can be used in many other ways. I have used it on a kurta for my daughter. The salwar is a blue batik one , and i thought this will look a little different. Have used it only on the front panel. Will put up the picture of the kameez when done ;-). I wanted to use this on the edge of a paisley pattern , but no time now......... may be next week :-)

Till then happy stitching


  1. good work..........will be waiting to see the kameez work

  2. thanks sonie:-) will put up the picture soon

  3. I like the spacing and how you used it in the design.